Color indicates source (which Gospel the exact text is from)

Mark – Purple

Luke – Teal

Matt – Indigo

John – Burnt Orange

Reference – Medium gray

a, b, c

indicates footnote for words or phrases


indicates placement or sequence within text


parenthesis for footnote indicates variations on word or phrase that seem to have the same meaning; most descriptive variation kept in main text


brackets indicate alternate meaning; brackets around letter refer to footnote; bracket for number refers to alternate place marked with same number in bracket; for sequencing, the color of the bracket indicates in which Gospel the alternate placement is

italics indicates word or phrase that the footnote or bracket applies to; italics is used to draw less attention to it because it seems to not alter the meaning.

underline indicates word or phrase where the alternate sequence or bracket applies. Because this is where the editing decision or variation chosen may alter the meaning, it is placed in underline to draw attention to it.