Peter’s mother-in-law healed

Mark 1:29–31  |  Luke 4:38–39  |  Matt 8:14–15

And forthwith, when they(a) arose(b) out of the synagogue, they(c) entered into the house of Simon and Andrew(d), with James and John. But(e) he saw Simon’s(f) wife’s mother laid(g), and sick of(h) a great fever, and anon they besought him for(i) her. And he came and stood over her, took her by the hand(j), and rebuked the fever; and lifted her up[1]; and immediately(2) the fever(k) left her, and (2) she arose[1] and ministered unto them.

(a) he / Jesus  (b) were come / was come  (c) and  (d) Simon’s house / Peter’s house  (e) And (f) his wife’s  (g) lay / was  (h) taken with  (i) tell him of  (j) touched her hand  (k) it


2 thoughts on “Peter’s mother-in-law healed

  1. This may be the first miracle of healing by Jesus in the timeline of the Gospels. The last miracle of healing was Jesus and the ear of the soldier in the Garden of Gethsemane. The common thread in these two miracles is Peter. He witnessed both, the first and the last. He also had a relationship with both, but that point presents a contrast. Here, it was the mother of his wife, a woman he cared for, at least in law if not with his heart. There, it was his enemy, the man he had struck, probably against the law with his sword. Peter most likely led the Savior from the synagogue to his house in order to help her that was healed. In contrast, Peter was anxious to chase the Savior away from the soldier in order to defeat the armed guard. Nevertheless, he was healed, too. There may be more to find in the comparison of these bookend miracles of healing, especially in what they might have meant to Peter.


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