Miracles of Healing

Heals the nobleman’s son

Peter’s mother-in-law healed

Heals in the evening

Heals a leper

Paralytic healed

Healing on the Sabbath

Heals centurion’s servant

Restores widow’s son

Raises Jairus’s daughter

Heals woman with issue of blood

Heals two blind men  Capernaum  9:27–31
Devil cast out of dumb man  Capernaum  9:32–34
Healings  Galilee  14:34–36  6:53–56
Heals Canaanite daughter  Tyre, Sidon  15:21–28  7:24–30
Heals many in Galilee  Galilee  15:29–31  7:31–37
Blind man healed by stages  Bethsaida  8:22–26
Heals boy with unclean spirit  Galilee  17:14–21  9:14–29  9:37–43
Heals blind man on the Sabbath  Jerusalem  9
Heals woman on Sabbath  Perea  13:10–17
Heals man on the Sabbath  Perea  14:1–6
Raises Lazarus from the dead  Bethany  11:1–53
Heals ten lepers  Samaria (?)  17:11–19
Heals two blind men (Bartimaeus)  Leaving Jericho  20:29–34  10:46–52  18:35–43

Last miracle of healing; only mentioned by one

Peter defends Jesus with a sword  Gethsemane  26:51–55  14:47  22:49–51  18:10–11

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